Friday, May 17, 2013

The Existence of God: The Best Yet

Seldom do you come across a book that delivers on its promises as much as Yujin Nagasawa’s The Existence of God.  In four clearly written chapters Nagasawa deftly lays out the three traditional arguments for the existence of God.  

Part 1 deals with the Ontological argument in its various incarnations, from Anselm to Godol.  Part 2 handles evolution verses intelligent design, showing the relative absurdity of modern intelligent design arguments.  Part 3 shows the cosmological argument, its relation to the Big Bang Theory, and current work with infinity and the so-called Kalam cosmological argument.  Part 4 deals with scraps of theories, like Pascal’s Wager, and some of the moral arguments for God’s existence.

All in all, this is the best introductory book I have read on natural theology.  Concise yet boldly explanatory, detailed without getting bogged down in them, Nagasawa provides a work that his perfect for the intelligent seeker looking to understand how the mind can grope toward an understanding of God’s existence without recourse to faith or mysticism. 

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