Monday, May 6, 2013

Sotto Voce X

10.       “Unbelievable!” Lucia spat.  “Just fucked up!”  J. was setting up toy cars and trucks and preparing them for entry into an ersatz tunnel.  But as each vehicle approached the aperture, it would veer off and fall away.  This caused Lucia supreme consternation.
            “Damn it!” Lucia hissed, the perspiration gleaming on her neck.   Her shorts were high and snug, revealing the cleft between her legs.  “Why can’t anything work these days?”
            “Let’s do something else,” J. suggested.  Lucia set down a car.  She raised and lowered her eyebrows.   She leaned against the cellar wall.  J. pulled at her shorts and Lucia released the button.  They fell to the floor, and J. placed his hand on Lucia.  But a movement like light stirred in his peripheral field.  It was as if he was receiving a cue from some dimension where light reigned supreme, where the cadres of dark forces had been routed and kept in chains.  J. placed a finger inside Lucia’s body and she gasped.
            “Different,” she said between short breaths.  “Very different…”  She was about to say more, but J. had put himself inside of her after a few swift thrusts.  While he pushed, her breath was emitted from her mouth in a series of long, low whistles from the gap in her front teeth.  J. was done and pulled out of Lucia.  She placed a hand where had had just been.
            Different, different,” she explained, and J. turned around to go.  "Jesus, this stuff is everywhere."

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