Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sotto Voce XI (Conclusion)

11.       And light was everywhere.  It bathed the buildings in its blinding effusion.  The streets were awash with its speckled overflow;  it snaked down the hills of Rome in winding rivulets and sluiced down the gutters.  Light fell from the upper world like a curtain of shimmering dust shaken by a supernal hand.   
            And that hand guided J. down the streets of Rome, passed his house, now floating on a stream of crystalline brilliance, and even beyond to all of Rome, buoyed up by the light which had the power over dark, gray matter.   
            All the fragility inherent in things had been wrung out by the colossal flow of illumination.  J. noticed that the world was coming apart, bit by bit and seam by seam, revealing the thin scaffolding beneath effects.  It all floated away on a bright and steady sea and J. was carried along by its swift current as if falling over a waterfall and the world was never dark again.

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