Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Salon Romp-rag

Salon Romp-rag
By Roni Cayeme


White hair pudenda
Slick, filling, falling in
My trunk a filthy slop
From her fat, cracked vulva
i’mai nafka minnah?
“What is the practical difference?”

Now that I am in HaShem’s loving hands I should
not hate her but even G-d demands the blood of 
those who go a whoring after other gods and places
under herem their men woman children livestock goods
which means they must die


Stout SOB
Phallus folded into
Abdominal fat
Slicked, oiled
The witches’ extract
Compels him to say
Yes yes yes yes yes
I’mai nafka minnah?
“What is the practical difference?”

I should not hate him now that I am in HaShem’s 
loving hands but even G-d has to dig a hole in the
back woods for the body that He has in the trunk 
of his car from time to time and have the shovel
at the ready and dim the headlights so no one sees
what happens out back behind the screen of bare trees

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