Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Led by G-d’s Hand

Led by G-d’s Hand is a patchwork of talks, discussions, letters and other writings by the late Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, t'z, on the role the Divine plays in human affairs.

The book begins with a lengthy discussion of the type of control G-d exercises over the world.  Maimonides claimed that animals as a species were under G-d care and control, but not individuals animals.  This book takes a great deal of time explaining that this is a wrong interpretation of the Rambam’s words.  In keeping with Chassidus classically informed, G-d is everywhere and in control of everything.  There are no limits. G-d watches over and has control of every blade of grass.

The book then wrestles with the problem of human free will versus Divine determination, and topics one would expect in an investigation of this sort.  I wish I could bandy more words of support for this work.  Oddly mismatched and ad-hoc, the title becomes ironic.  There should have been an editor or guiding hand to explain the sometimes (seemingly) abstruse concerns of the writings here presented.  As it is, the book is needless confusing.

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