Monday, March 16, 2015

Likutey Moharan (vol 5)

The Likutey Moharan (vol 5) is Rebbe Nacham’s magnum opus.  With the exception of his stories, which he told in the final years of his life, Likutey Moharan is his best known work, and where the serious student goes to get at the heart of Rebbe Nachman’s ideas.

Rebbe Nachman did not have a successor (for years, his sect was known in Yiddish di tot Chasidim, the dead Chasidim) so this work became extremely important to Bratslav through the years.  A kind of “torah” for Brastlav, it is the lens through which to see the master’s teachings and place them into practice. Despite the excellent notes in this bi-lingual English and Hebrew edition, one really needs a teacher to fully explore the depths of this work.  So get a teacher!

Yet the work is written in a forceful and simple Hebrew.  The text simply flows from one idea to the next, repeating words and concepts, reframing quotes from the Torah, Talmud, the Zohar and Targum within the grand scope of the Rebbe's vision.  So, if you want to get grasp of Chasidic Hebrew, this is an excellent text.

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