Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rebbe Nachman's Torah

Rebbe Nachman's Torah – Genesis, is a production of the Breslov Institute, translated and selected by their English language guru Chaim Kramer.  The book provides passages from bereshit (Genesis).  Rabbi Kramer pairs Torah passages with Rebbe Nacham’s interpretive work on the same passages.

What you get is a Bratslav reading of some of the most well-known Torah stories.   Expect an eclectic mix.  One of Rebbe Nacham’s strong points as a teacher is his ability to tease “new” meanings from old passages.  He does this through imaginative word play, associations with other passages in the Tanach, as well as simple examples from everyday life.

What you get is a explication of Genesis that is both strangely otherworldly while being, oddly, down to earth.  That could be an excellent definition of the whole Bratslav project.

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