Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Great American Short Fiction

Great American Short Stories is the kind of book I have form a sentimental bond with; a Dover Thrift Book, it reminds me of the days of old, when Dover Books, in their flimsy paper or plastic covers, were located near the register of a bookstore, like an impulse buy of candy or gum at a Supermarket. 

This volume contains great American classics: "The Tell-Tale Heart," Melville's "Bartleby," Harte's "The Luck of Roaring Camp," "To Build a Fire," by Jack London, "The Real Thing" by Henry James, F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Bernice Bobs Her Hair," plus stories by Mark Twain, Sarah Orne Jewett, Charles Chesnutt, Kate Chopin, Stephen Crane, Willa Cather, Ambrose Bierce, Theodore Dreiser, Ernest Hemingway.

There are some stories here that readers will be very familiar yet.  Still more that they once were from high school English class, and now can revisit in this volume.   

Regardless, not a bad value for three dollars (in an age when a latte costs far more).

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