Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10 Ways to Improve Your Professional Performance: A POEM

10 Ways to Improve Your Professional Performance

1.        Extract the typos from the sole of your foot

2.        You confused insure and ensure, and sent it to the list-serve

3.        Then you forgot a period

4.        Attention to detail is a code phrase for mistakes that I can make  but that you are under no circumstances to make at all

5.        If you die tomorrow, we will all be sad, but then your memory will fade, and we will move on and forgot even the shape of your nose

6.        You will grow old and the pain in your side will grow too

7.        We will bcc your tragic little nightmares of petty wrongdoing to the list-serve

8.        And this will be your life until you die in either

a.        the flesh

b.        the spirit

c.        or both

9.        Odds are you will die in the spirit on January 9, 2020

10.     Do not invoke your pantheistic god but cling to the hole of your misdemeanors and clannish Jewish sins.

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