Monday, April 14, 2014

The Garden of Paradox: The Essential Non Dual Kabbalah

The Garden of Paradox: The Essential Non Dual Kabbalah, does just what sets out to do.

Rabbi DovBer lays out a program of non-dual mystical Judaism, easy to understand and concise.

It is easy to understand, but not easy to conceptualize! One of the primary paradoxes of the Kabbalah, and mystical non-duality in general, is that if everything is One, if all things are connected into some greater whole, why do we seemingly perceive  a world of vast diversity and even strife?

And to further compound the problem, the Kabbalah’s primary epistemology, the sefirot, are ten 'divisions' of the entity we call God, or HaShem, who is really one.

That is the essential paradox in the title: how to live with seeming diversity in the midst of unity.  How to understand what is the primary ground of Being, and what is merely a temporary mask of that being?

This book takes the plunge into this difficult topic, and provides some provocative answers.

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