Friday, April 11, 2014

Likutey Moharan Vol IV


As I have reviewed before here, Likutey Mohran, the collected writings and teaching of Rebbe Nacham, published by the Breslov Research Institute, is an invaluable series of books for an understanding of Rebbe Nachman’s special take of Yiddishkeit.

These volumes are not for the rank beginner.  Despite the notes, and the lucid English translation alongside the Hebrew original, these are not beginners Bratslav texts.  But not to worry, these exist in abundance.

So, if you want to get into Rebbe’s teaching, this is the book for you.  Sure, it passed through a few hands, has been redacted and edited, but that is the way with all early Chasidic masters.  This was still primarily an oral culture, and often the best material was presented at a Sabbath tish, when taking notes is prohibited.

So what you get is a fractured text.  Not so much as by design, as by circumstance.

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