Thursday, January 2, 2014

Garden of Souls - Rebbe Nachman

Rebbe Nachman’s Garden of Souls is devoted to the age old question of how there can be evil in a world presided over by a good God, who created a good world.

The Bratslav answer to this question is complex, and is handled in this slim volume.  The editor has culled these responses from various sources, arranging them by topic and theme
Ultimately the answer to this weighty question rests with the expectations of the person who suffers.  If he or she has a great many attachments to the things of this world, its people, objects, luxuries and even bare necessities, then a lack of these give the impression that the world is a place riddled with evil.

For those who are free of those connections, there is nothing that can cause pain.  Being so detached from the world, they are close to God, the only existent, the only thing that is stable and permanent.  This replaces the sham joy of objects and things with an eternal joy and a total lack of the perception of evil.

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