Monday, January 13, 2014

The People of Forever Are Not Afraid

It is refreshing to read a novel that is heralded as a new voice in literature, and actually discover that there is indeed something new and fresh in the work, and not just typical publisher’s hype over a new author.

Shani Boianjiu’s The People of Forever are Not Afraid  has the combination of a fresh, new authorial voice, and the exacting detail and pacing of a writer who knows how to craft a novel to great effect.  She is constantly manipulating her characters and situations to weave an interlocking field of meaning, where one things flows into the other, where tensions heightens and energy builds.  

Her language is at once elevated and slangy, her momentum bursting at the seams.  It is as if this novel, like the situation in the Jewish state, will spin out of control and right off the page.

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