Tuesday, March 12, 2013

David Green Dies 6 and ½ Times (#6 1/2 conclusion)

6 ½  David Green stepped out of the shadow and into the blinding light.  At every step, he could die.  The dire possibility of his death was always present.  He walked off curbs toward hurtling cabs.  He was jostled on busy subway platforms to the very lip of mortality.  He slipped in the shower, grasping the wet tile.  He choked on a piece of bread in an Italian restaurant, and a waiter preformed the Heimlich maneuver.  He fell down and got up knowing that his life may not last another day, another hour, another minute.  That this life may simply be the antechamber to another place.  That this time, this point, this instant, could be the threshold to eternity. And David Green took a step forward.

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