Wednesday, March 6, 2013

David Green Dies 6 and ½ Times (#3)

3. “It’s all wrong, all wrong,” the man said, thrusting the papers into David Green’s hands.  “What’s wrong, Jack?”  Green asked, bewildered.  Rush hour traffic swirled around them. “The figures for one,” Jack answered. “Your numbers are just wrong.  And you got the name of the plaintive wrong.  You need to do it again.”  “But its five, Jack,” Green answered, pleading, “I need to…” “That doesn’t matter,” his boss snapped.  “This is your mess.  You need to clean it up tonight.” And the papers, which Green had thrust at his boss, were pushed back at him along with yesterday’s New York Times and Green fell off the curb.  His boss pulled him back by the collar just as a cab bore down on him.  But the boss overshot and pitched Green forward toward a hot dog cart.  He inclined over the pretzels and took the cart down, pinning him.  Green’s boss, the vendor, and some bystanders tried to upside the heavy cart.  But when they did, David Green was dead.  The cart had landed squarely on this breastbone.  Yesterday’s Times, wet from hot dog water, clung to his face like a death mask.

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