Monday, December 9, 2013

No Hour is Identical to Another

Like most Bratslaver literature, Meshivat Nefesh, Restore My Soul, concentrates on uplifting the individual Jewish person from a lowly  to a higher state.

This is done primarily through the knowledge that these “falls and descents and confusions that one is obliged to pass through... before one enters the gates of holiness, all the true tzaddikim and G-d fearing people went through… this.”

In other words, the fall, the descent, is vital to spiritual growth.  This is because God is found in every place in the universe, even in those places typically thought devoid of God.  In those places, the sparks of God are “very hidden, and covered by many garments.”

Rebbe Nachman stresses that a person constantly has the power to “renew and become a truly new creation, for G-d makes new creations every day, and no hour is identical to another.”

Meshivat Nefesh, translated here by Rebbe Yisroel Odeser, contains this germ of Bratslaver Hassidus.  We fall, but we must rise up.  When we rise up, we must bring the fallen sparks of divinity up with us, raising them to the new level.  Prompting them to greater holiness.

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