Wednesday, July 25, 2012

By-Line Ernest Hemingway

By-Line Ernest Hemingway is a sample of the great writer's journalism from his very early days at the Toronto Star, to his articles written for various magazines once he had achieved his literary fame. This is an interesting cross section of Hemingway. We get glimpses of the patented minimalist style in the early work, and some of the material that would be used in such short story collections as In Our Time. There is Hemingway's very odd journalistic work in World War II, where he comes very close to the Gonzo definition of journalism (where he is the subject of the journalism, and not the story). Then there are some pieces at the end that show his decline. Poor mental and physical health make for some rambling and boring pieces written a few years before his life ended.

Overall, this bumpy and uneven collection of pieces gives the reader further knowledge about Hemingway the writer, and probably contributes more to the stereotypes of him as a person than need be.

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