Monday, September 13, 2010

Yom Kippur is no time for neurotics

The Days of Awe. Well, as I said before, I have some problems here.

Sukkoth, which is within sight, I can embrace wholeheartedly. A celebration of harvest and bounty, of earth and open air, it gives the soul (if there is one) a healthy does of this worldly pleasure and a glimpse, perhaps, of something more.

Yom Kippur reeks a bit to me of radical self-denial. Rendering oneself a corpse for HaShem bespeaks a kind of guilt and fear that I believe we should move away from in our conceptions of God.

But my thinking on this is far from advanced. I'm sure there are many differences of opinion out there, and mine, no doubt, is quite narrow. There is certainly something to the seeking forgivness aspect of the day. Who have we not hurt this year? Who should we not seek forgiveness from? If my words have caused you needless suffering this past year, I ask your forgivenes.

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