Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There is no such thing.

I gave up negative expressions about people about a year ago (alas, not yet about myself). I found myself increasingly occupied with such negative thoughts, to the detriment of my outlook on life, and to those around me.

Of course I have thoughts about negative things. I see a person and have a negative thought, but I don't allow it to congeal into words, and especially into any organized form of expression. Is it that easy? Maybe so. Maybe not.

If we believe certain philosophies and orientations about thought and mind, there is no such thing as the Self or the Mind. These are a series of discreet events, which we mistakenly tie together into a bundle that we call Self. But really, there is no Self, just a self. We are not what we think; we are what we think we think. The thing we call self that we believe is organized and stable is actually the exact opposite.

So if you stop thinking a certain way; if you exercise your powers to stop thinking a certain thoughts, eventually the glue that holds everything in the universe together, Habit, kicks in, and you lose something or gain something or morph into something else althogether.

But don't think it is easy...

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