Friday, January 22, 2010

The Composite Friend

You are many people I have known, but you have one thing in common, you have let me down.

Really, how can it be your fault? We are dealing with a mistaken apprehension. With a tangled epistemology. You are you and I am I and nothing can change that. But in my memory, you are part of me, and therefore I have expections, and you have dashed them.

What have you done? It is simple: people exist to fail you, so inevitably, as a person, as all people, as a composite of all the people I have know, you have failed me and fail me still. There are no phone calls. No visits. The wedding I wasn't invited to by you, my old old friends. The distance you created. The posts you won't answer. My published stories you never read or comment upon, my books you have never read. And more.

There is no way out. That is why you peer in the fog of something else, something beyond all of this. To find the ALL behind the many.

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