Friday, August 12, 2016

Some Thoughts: a fragment from a work

July 7

It is summer.  Dry.  We have the first chance of rain in many weeks – the first in a very long time.  Lawns dying.  Trees drooping. X&Y went to BLANK to see Z BLANK.  I’m tired of seeing Z BLANK.  When is the last time either Z or W read my work, commented on my work?  As usual, I am safe to ignore.  What harm can I do?  I am as obedient as a stray dog who has finally found a home. 

1. X, A, B, more Jewish.  Primarily Jewish in identity and view.  Our family orientation more aligned
2.  X with a larger BLANK.  Our BLANK’s more aligned.
3.  B less scared of some of the unknown. 

It is no longer my world.  How do you live in a world which is no longer yours?

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