Friday, November 6, 2015

Little Cat: Tarmara Faith Berger

In Little Cat, Tamara Faith Berger attempts, with a great deal of success, to take the genre of pornographic writing and blend or elevate it with elements of literary fiction.  

When the two novellas in this collection (Lie With Me, and The Way of the Whore) are the most successful is not when the prose exhibits the pure mannerisms of pornography.  Rather, it is when Berger takes the vast, strange, twisted and grand topic of human female sexuality and twist our view of it on its head, creating new angles, giving the reader fresh viewpoints and unusual, disturbing vistas of this all too human pursuit we think we know so well.

That is when these two book rises above the confines, demands and expectation of the genre.  We get more than titillation.  We get a writer exploring one of the most common of human pursuits in novel, odd, exciting ways.

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