Wednesday, July 1, 2015


If you are going to isolate the two poles of experience in Rebbe Nachman’s world of Chassidus, it would be Azmara and Ayeh.  As is obvious from the title of this book, the topic here is Ayeh.  It is the older Hebrew word for “where” and it is the opening word to the question “Ayeh makom kevodo” or, where is the place of his (G-d’s) glory.

For Bratslavers, losing one’s way in the quest for a greater connection to HaShem is not a shameful thing.  In fact, it is a key component of spiritual growth.  But it comes with dangers.  It can lead to depression, and then, chas v’shalom, to various errors or sins.  So in this state, even asking the question “where is the place of his glory” opens up a channel to HaShem.  Simply stating the question, with all its ramifications of pathos, sorrow, yearning, confusion, and hope, is the first step to an answer.

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