Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Your Animal Body

Your animal body
Uncurled itself
On a mid day in May
All quivering synapse
A velvet touch
Of unforgotten vestiges

Beneath my thumbs
Writhing like a snake
Enmeshed, the tangled hands
Hushed breath and whispers
That you mimed to me

I have not forgotten
Your lusty animal crouch
The genus, phylum and species
The taxonomy that you paraded
Beneath my nose
In you unfurnished room
It was the frozen time

Of your old wedding ring
Discarded in a cardboard drawer
The root of your being
Buried in nightshade
Your son, the facsimile
Face of you
Leaning on my leg
Like a stalk
As I held open a book
He’s poised to grow into you
Lean, short, quick
The indrawn, sudden breath
Of a startled response
The darting nervous edge
Etched from your womb

He’ll become a stalk of
You, an undemonstrated
Remonstrance of your plastic

Past, growing

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