Wednesday, July 10, 2013

God is One (and Ten): Arthur Green's EHYEH, a Kabbalah for Tomorrow

In EHYEH: a Kabbalah for Tomorrow, Rabbi Arthur Green does a good job shifting the reader through the choppy waters of the Kabbala's theosophical ocean.

This book promotes a form of non-dual Judaism, the belief that God is not separable from creation. Everything is in a sense God. Yet the Kabalah's delves into the "life" of God through speculation about God's different manifestations, or sephirot.

Green takes a decidedly psychological view of the sephirot; this is in keeping with the agenda of the book. It is a Kalalah for tomorrow! It sets out an agenda that will make the Kabalah more palatable to non-halakhic Jews and fellow travelers. 

In general Green succeeds. He has such a great command of the spiritual aspects of Judaism that of course he realizes that it never ends. His epilogue says it all: "To Keep on Going - Where do I go from Here?" a helpful, concise  humble guide to more study.

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