Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mind I & II Poem, Eric Maroney

Mind I & II


Somewhere in the mind
A circle bordered in black crepe
I can’t remember all the screaming
Faces of my childhood
They’re play masks,
Shadow puppets with less
Substance than a puff of air

My secret is my anagram,
That face pressed to my face
I strangled it with chords
Garroted the head till it gurgled
Its last bit of spite
Useless, I buried the face with a spade
Down by the creek in
My barrow beneath the rocks,
Along the falling, foaming water
That plugs my ears like wool.


Unseen, unforced
The expansion is real
Not diluted
All the quaking leaves
Falling to the ground
The icy chill
Doesn’t retard us
It is our benediction

Winter is no underling
A force unperturbed by
Our equivocations
The steady, wet snow
Solemn as a muffled drum
Is not a dirge or lament
Our sorrows pass unseen
The creek, black as obsidian
With its border of white silks
This is the world I fled to
This, the sketch of my old life 


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