Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Frackers Go Home

I am very pleased that my (former) town of Caroline has elected, by overwhelming numbers, to replace Peter Hoyt and Toby McDonald on the town board.  See this article in the Ithaca Journal.

Both Hoyt and McDonald simply didn't do their homework.  Anti-fracking sentiments are high in Caroline, and those sentiments were manifested in excellent local organization.  This showed at the polls.  

In a short blub before the election Pete Hoyt stated: "We can no more ban drilling in our town than we could ban the state sales tax or amend the DWI law."  As if sales tax is the equivalent of gas companies coming in a drilling in our backyards.  He also stated that he does not wish to have zoning laws in Caroline.  Here is an example of responsible, progressive government!  Just let everyone do what they want.  It will work out.  If a strip club comes to Caroline, there may be benefits we do not immediately see.  No need to regulate change or growth in a community.

I hope soon to see Caroline join other towns in Tompkins Country with a ban on fracking.

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