Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fracking Whores

Some of our local elected officials are willing sell out our land, water, air, health, and life, for their own personal profit.  I'm very proud that over 200 + people showed up at the Brooktondale Community Center to support the defeat of the Hoyt/Adams legislation that would let hydofracking run amok in our community.  I found this particularly compelling quote regarding Councilpersons Hoyt, Adams, and McDonald:

"Council members Linda Adams and Peter Hoyt co-authored the legislation, and Toby McDonald supports it. Should gas wells be drilled in town, all stand to benefit: Hoyt and McDonald have leased their property to gas companies, and Adams directs the Tompkins Landowner’s Coalition, a group whose sole purpose is to help landowners obtain the best lease possible."  Found in this blog.

Nice to know the even our local politicians are just as capable as thinking (and I use the term lightly) with their wallets rather than their consciences.  There is a special brand of shame for their avarice.  A special place in the gallery of doomed people who can be bought or sold.

And for this trio, it is easy.  They need do nothing but own land and reap the benefits of their non-labor at the expense of others.  When has doing nothing and thinking nothing been so profitable?

PS: And Linda Adams is our Watershed Committee Chair! 

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