Monday, February 7, 2011

Mothers & Sons, XIII

After dinner they kissed again.

“We have to hurry,” Claudia explained, quickly sliding off her dress. “I have to pick up Paulo in a half hour.”

But Servi would not rush. He charily kissed Claudia’s body from her neck to her belly, all the while examining her for stretch marks, or any sign that she had given birth to a child. Claudia stroked his head appreciatively, but then quickly pulled him up.

“You are a sweet boy Aaron,” she said, grasping him and pulling him into her. “But we have to get this show on the road.” She tried to work him in, but Servi did not rise to the task.

“Here,” she said gently, “I am rushing you too much. Poor boy. Lie down,” and she took Servi in her mouth, and after a minute, she stopped and looked at him.

“What the hell is wrong?” she spat.

“I can’t stop thinking about your husband…”

“Jesus Servi,” she spat and pulled her dress over her head. “That was meant to turn you on, not off…”

“I felt as if I walked in on my mother and father…”

“Good Christ,” Claudia turned away. “I have to go get Paulo.”

“I’ll come,” Servi said, rising from the bed.

“Suit yourself, Servi,” Claudia snapped, and then laughed. “Father and Mother did not turn you on… maybe it is Mother and Son.”

Servi watched Paulo the entire evening, but the boy made no reference to his note, or gave any indication to Servi that anything was amiss. Servi even crouched down on the floor to play with him while Claudia cleaned the dishes. They were alone for sometime, but the lad said nothing. He had a tight, fixed expression, and the rigid rules by which he played his games allowed little room for idle talk. All this was inscrutable to Servi, who sat with a train in his hand, looking at this boy and trying to plumb the depths of his secret. Claudia approved of their play.

“What good boys,” she laughed, clapping her hands. “Playing nice while Mama cleans up the kitchen, and Paulo can have a gelato before bed, and Aarone something special from me once Paulo is in dreamland.”

When Claudia put Paulo to bed, she sauntered to Servi on the couch, pleased with her performance, beaming from her satisfied expectations. She placed a hand of Servi’s crotch and whistled appreciatively.

“You are a good boy,” she whispered, and they fell back toward the couch.

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